Thursday, February 10, 2011

PP=PITA (PayPal is a Pain-In-The-Ass)

I’ve been reintroduced to Ebay and PayPal. I  used both of them a long time ago, back before they were one company and Meg started paying herself like a Hollywood star.  Now I’ve got new accounts to help me sell stuff to fund the Tiki project. Well the eBay half isn’t too bad, they just really don’t want you to call them. I’ve had questions that I had to spend hours digging to find an answer to when a one minute call would have done the trick. I think I know who’s time they value more. But that’s just merely annoying.

PP on the other hand is really a thief in corporate clothing. First they change 2.9% for even cash transactions. Well, OK I knew that going in so let’s move on. Over the past two months I have gotten over $4000 deposited, only half from eBay. Then PP says I can only withdraw $500/month unless I give them even more personal information, i.e. SSN or credit card. They already have access to my checking account that I’ve had for over 20 years!
So at this moment PP is holding hostage over $3k of my money and not even paying me interest. When I bitch they say “Just put in our Competitive Money Market Fund”. First, they don’t know what the word competitive means. Their MMF 0.13% compared to an NFCU-MM at 0.25% or Vanguard PMM at 2.5% as of today. Next their MMF requires my SSN to open! Little catch-22 action going on there.

Now today I get the next joyous email from the PP thieves, new money in from eBay(I think it’s only eBay) has a 21 day hold to allow the buyers time to bitch. And naturally again without paying me interest for the use of my money. My only real response is to throttle way back the amount of cash that flows through PP’s thieving hands. The USPS Money Orders are now my friend! A $500 MO costs only 0.0022%, less than 1/10 what PP wants.