Friday, May 25, 2012

Finally. Almost ready to get back to work:)

It's been too long. First our winter vacation then I decided I wanted to ride across the USA on my recumbent trike(Trike blog at side). So then training and building an Aero Teardrop camper took up my build space. The ride was shortened to only a few weeks when my left knee started acting up. Now I'm making needed updates to the Aero Teardrop since we are planning to take a month long trip out west, using the camper. So my hope is to get back to the Tiki next Friday June 1st 2012. That's a about a 7 month work stoppage!!!! OMG where does the time go??

I gotta say this long of a work stoppage is a very bad thing for the mental state. I've found myself looking at sailboats and day dreaming, instead of working. So it's time to refocus, at least until our trip west:)
The Aero Teardrop camper in use.