Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time to find materials

Action has been slow since we're still in Annapolis and my build site in Maine. We plan to be in Maine with in a month so now is time to start investigating materials. My approach was to write up a letter with a materials list for the plywood, softwoods and some of the hard woods then e-mail that to several suppliers. The initial result is shopping around works! For just the 54 pieces of Okoume plywood( of 9mm, 6mm and 4mm thicknesses) with shipping resulted in an Annapolis supplier price of $6368 and a Toronto supplier of $3777, or over $2500 less! Note to other builders, always make sure to check on shipping cost for these big items, in this case one was $1896 and the other $472, and both to our Maine address. And the cheaper one is 100 miles closer and across an international boarder.

Also this is making me take a hard look at the plans and I'm finding they leave some things to the imagination of the builder. Such as on the first page the say to nail the butt joints for the hull sides using copper nails. Problem, no nails in the bill of material. Same for copper wire for the stitch and glue. Then there is a different type of issue where they say drill hole "Big enough to allow hull sides to open". Last time I checked "big enough" is not a measurement.

Oh well, not really complaining, it's all easily overcome but I can see an absolute newbie might have some anxiety.

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