Monday, December 17, 2012

I have a confession to make........

Ok here goes.... I love full keel heavy displacement sailboats. I know that doesn't sound too strange to a stranger but to anyone how knows my history... well it's a discontinuity. My sailing experience and ownership goes something like this..Hobie Cat 16, much bigger racing Cat, racing on a couple 30 something fin keel boats, 10m cruising Cat, self built sailing pram, 26ft cruising Cat, and now building a Wharram Tiki 30 catamaran.

But the truth is I've always looked at Westsail 32s and smiled a happy smile. I don't know what happened decades ago to caused the neural paths in my brain to say that boat just looks "Right".  And not just Westsail 32s, but just  about any double ender. Then there is another style that trigger the  "Right" sailboat neurons and that is epitomized by the Pearson Triton/Alberg 30/Pearson Vanguard 32.

The result is that I'm constantly on the prowl looking at these old boats, and I do mean old from 1959 to the mid 1970s. So naturally while we're in the Annapolis MD area for several weeks I can't help but look for deals in this target rich environment.

Well I happened across Phoenix a 1960 Pearson Triton #190 in Rock Hall, over on the eastern shore of Maryland. She's rough but had a new spar and rigging installed in the early 1980s. But there was a small problem, there was a large yard bill at the marina, about $2500. The boat was not worth that much to me so after negotiating with the yard manager and PO, I ended up paying $500 out of pocket for Phoenix. This includes storage until May 2013, unstepping the mast and loading her on to my trailer. Not a bad deal for me and the yard gets a non productive boat out of a packed yard. Now I just need to buy a trailer the can handle about 8000lbs.

My intention is to set up Phoenix minimally as a daysailer and occasional weekender and maybe some Wednesday night PHRF racing. I'll be putting her on a mooring in Belfast harbor but before that she needs some work. I'll document the raise of S/V Phoenix in another Triton blog.  Just a side note, the 1965 movie "The Flight of the Phoenix" is great.

Actually the Teal color looks pretty good in person. A yard man said Phoenix  has been sitting here unloved for at least 12 years.

An ex-husband heisted the motor years ago, another interesting story:)

The starboard port is missing the securing nut/bolt. A piece of  Duck tape and wire is keeping it closed.

I like that name, I think I'll keep her.
I pumped her out and a few tarps to keep the worst of the winter out. 


  1. Nice find! I've been looking at similar full-keel monohulls. I will likely be buying one as soon as the right one comes along.

  2. Hi Scott, They are beautiful boats. I'm in the process of buying a custom trailer so if you find one in the NE get in contact and I'd be glad to supply trailering services.