Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finally back to work after almost 11 month --- 228hrs

Wow, it felt terrific to dust off parts and try and remember where I left off back in June 2012. I can't believe it has been so long, where does the time go....
My thanks go to Neil who is building Tiki 38 Gleda and Brad who is building Tiki 21 Beto. Their recent blog entries kicked me in the butt to get something done. And also a huge thanks to my wife who has been living in a substantially incomplete house for two and a half years. Heck I just got the utility sink out of the kitchen and built the cabinets and and installed a "real" kitchen sink just this week.

No pictures today since I spent the hours shaping, drilling,cutting,filling the port stern post/skeg, same work as I did on the starboard stern post all those months ago. It's close to complete now with just the drilling out of the two lower rudder hinge points and adding kevlar cloth to the wear areas. Then the port and starboard stern posts will be the same then it's time to finish off the rudders.

I've have so many other big projects but I'm determined to get at least one day a week dedicated to TIki #164.

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