Sunday, November 10, 2013

End of Season

I did finish up installing the forward floor and final stiffeners. But the garage temps are on a steady decline and I didn't get the aft floor installed. No pics of the final install, just fillets all around. I am debating about water storage, since the middle of this area is the center of the hull fore/aft. That's a good place to keep water. I think I may just go simple and use 5-6 gallon jugs. The pro is they are cheap, easy and can be removed for filling. The con is they are not the most efficient use of space. I estimate that the space that two 5 gallon jugs use could hold 15+ gallons if I did a built in tank in the same area due to the flaring out of the hull sides.
Dry run for floor installation

And finally I moved the Tiki on to casters. I needed to rearrange the garage and move the Tiki hull to the side to make room for the storage of our sports car for the winter. Everything fits but its tight:) Off Tiki subject Note:
The MX-5 is the best overall sports car for the street for the money IMO. I say this having owned/raced Porsches, MGs, Datsuns, and RX7s. There are other cars faster on the track but for the street the Miata is my choice. Although the 3rd generation NC cars have gotten a little too complex up market for my tastes.

Tiki in good company for a winter nap.

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  1. What's happened too the blog and the boat I used to read this then came back across it a week or so ago and now I'm a little disappointed with the end of it