Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10% Done, maybe - 92 Hours

The Wharram estimated time to build a Tiki 30 is 900 hours, as of today we passed 90 hours. But how can you tell if your really 10% done? Here is where we stand at this point:
Keel backbones are done.
Stem posts done.
Stern posts done but for final drilling for rudder hinges.
Lower hull sides for one hull cut out and partially epoxy coated and the aft two sections are butt joined.
Rudders are laminated and marked for drilling.
Couple bulkheads drawn ready to be cut out.

Just doesn’t feel like much of a milestone. I think a truer milestone will be first hull in it’s stands with bulkheads installed and in theory at least able to float like a boat and not just a pile of wood.

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