Sunday, September 4, 2011

18 mm Plywood - 28 Hours

If speed is more important than cash then I would suggest buying one sheet of 18-mm plywood instead of two sheets of 9-mm to build the Stem and Stern Posts. With the 9-mm two copies of the stem and stern posts must be laminated together to get the 18-mm thickness shown in the plans. In the pic the two stem posts are complete and one stern post is cut and ready for gluing.

My guess would be that at least an extra two hours were needed to build up these parts as opposed to just cutting out of a single piece of 18-mm. I had priced the 18-mm but I don’t remember the cost difference between 1 sheet of 18 vs 2 sheets of 9, but it must have been enough to trigger my frugality alert.

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