Saturday, October 15, 2011

3rd, 4th try is a charm -- 112 Hours

I’ve spent the last several hours drawing and cutting out bulkheads (BH) and wasted a few hours with vague directions and errors in the drawings.

I began by drawing BH2 then working across the 6mm plywood drew BH1 and then BH3 and this is where problems began.

1st issue. The parts layout sheet shows the center line of BH3 to be 1300mm from the opposite end of the plywood sheet from BH1. When I did this, it became apparent that there was not enough room between BH3 and BH1. Finally on the third try I found that 1100mm was a better number giving space for every BH. 

2nd issue also had to do with BH3, this time it was the dimension of the lower part that is cut out separately then joined to the top piece to create the whole BH3. The drawing show the lower piece to be 287mm tall but there’s the error. I built using a baseline method from the keel as shown in the drawing and ended up missing 6mm at the top of my plywood sheet.

After scratching my head awhile I read the example on the layout sheet of how to draw BH3, should have done this first but it looked pretty straight forward. To my surprise the example starts at the top and works down. There is still the error but it’s an easy fix when you get to the bottom. As shown in the picture that lower part is  287mm but it should be 293mm then the top part fits in the standard 48 inch with of the plywood specified. 
Starting at the keel, BH3 is 1217+295 tall or 1512mm. The top piece is therefor 1512 - 287 which is where the ply joint is shown, that is 1225m. The problem is that a standard piece of plywood is 48 inchs wide which equals 1219mm. There is the missing 6mm. So the bottom section needs to take up the slack.

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