Sunday, October 23, 2011

Misread the Drawing,Duh! -- 127 Hours

In my last post I said the drawing of BH3 had an error, not so, I had the error. I mistook the line drawing of the floor bearer for the plywood joint. The 287mm is to the top of the bearer and the elevation of the ply joint is not given. If I’d realized this I would have been forced to look at other drawings to get the needed info where I would have found the proper sequence, to draw from the top down.  But no harm no foul, BH3 is fine, just needs that floor bearer.

It’s turned out for me that just using weights to clamp the various bearers works better than the small bar clamps. The bar clamps hang off one side imparting a torque causing the wood piece to move. This can be stopped by either using small nails or clamping down harder but then too much thickened epoxy squeezes out.  So I raided the panty and the cans of chicken, tuna, turkey,and clams do a decent job. Also since I leave the bearers long initially I can use the overhanging part to position the bearer.

Build Schedule Note:
I had been thinking I’d get this Tiki done in a 1-2 years, but other commitments makes it look like 3 or maybe 4. As it was we are planning to leave Maine and head for warmer climates early December, but now my other interest is going to be taking up much more time. 
I love bicycling(Trident Stowaway 2 trike really) and have decided to celebrate my 50th birthday by riding my trike from Belfast Maine to Anacortes Washington generally following the ACA Northern Tier Route. I’ setting aside May-Aug 2012 for the trip and in the lead up I’ll need to do much training so naturally boat building time will suffer.

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