Saturday, August 10, 2013

A hard choice but a choice must be made.....For Sale

Yes this project is for sale. I've hit the point is life of too many projects and too little time. I hate to, but probably should give up on a Tiki 30 build. Starboard hull is finished to lower topsides, bulk heads installed, the keel fillet done, all stringers and stiffeners made and some installed. Also for the port hull I've completed the bulkheads, skeg, keel backbone, and stem. Also both rudders P/S are done.

I have all the 6mm and 9mm marine quality, BS1088, plywood to complete the build, 4.5 gallons of Raka epoxy and more than 20 lbs of wood flour. I would be willing to sell for cost of materials which as of today is at about $5900.

I believe I've done high quality work and built a very strong start of a Tiki 30. My guess is this represents about 1/3 completion to a simple build.

Everything is located in Knox Maine, about 12 miles west of Belfast Maine, or 1 hr from Augusta or Bangor.

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