Thursday, August 29, 2013

OK I made a mistake Wharram Tiki #164 IS NOT FOR SALE

Sorry for the confusion, I guess I was in a deep funk. I had been spending weeks grinding, sanding, caulking and painting our house and had no time for anything else. But really after finishing the house last week I really thought over where I'm at in my life. I retired from the cubical life back in 2005 and thought I'd cruise for the next 20 years. Well after a few years I was itching for something different and my wife and I decided to buy an ultra cheap Concrete Geodesic Dome on 5 acres. The house is very cool but wow the work needed was extensive. It only had basic framing inside. Then my own personality quark got involved which make me want to do everything. It doesn't matter if it's plumbing, electrical, carpentry or tiling...I want to do the job. So this house plus building a Wharram and the constant tug-of-war between which has priority sometimes sends me over the edge. And It doesn't help that I also bough a old Pearson Triton and then there is my Hobie Cat the needs sailing, plus I'm actively looking to buy a local business. And I thought I left stress back in the cubical:)  So now I'm in a better place and Tiki is staying here.

So now a little, very little Tiki news....
Work on Tiki this week wasn't much but important. I put 4oz fiberglass cloth on the interior lower hull section in the bow. The idea is that the entire lower 2ft or so is encased in fiberglass to keep the wood dry and rot free. The forward compartment will not get checked often so I can imagine a little standing water sitting for months doing it's damage.


  1. So glad to hear it is back on track, even if moving slowly. For those of us at the early stages of planning, the last thing we needed was to hear of a project faltering. Pleased the website is accessible again as the information you have is great re problems in build/errors and questions over parts of plans.



    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks very much for those sentiments. It means a lot that this blog is actually read and helpful!