Friday, August 26, 2011

Plywood is here!!

Finally after much rigamarole I have all my 6mm and 9mm plywood. The wood showed up in the back of a PAS 18 wheeler and the driver and I transferred it to my F250 pickup truck in the town office parking lot.  Unbelievably four companies were involved getting this plywood from White Plains New York to Knox Maine. Condon Lumber, FreightQuote(shipping broker), NewPen(shipper that picked up the wood), and Portland Air Shipping(PAS) the company that delivered the wood.
The main issue was that a semi truck and trailer cannot get up our driveway and we can’t unload on the main street. This fact was on the shipping order but NewPen dropped the ball.
If the load had been delivered to a business I think things would have been smoother. Or as it was find a public place and meet the semi truck to transfer to my truck. I did get permission from the town office first.
Also I learned that these freight companies have buried in their contracts that they have up to 6 months to make delivery! Which means if they mess up and send the load to Aruba, oh well, yell and scream if you like but 6 months is 6 months.

If I had to do this again, if at all possible, I would just drive and pick up the plywood, it would cost no more overall and there would be certainty.

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