Sunday, August 28, 2011

Units of Measure

I pulled out my first sheet of 9mm plywood, stared at the plans and with calculator and imperial(inches,feet,yards,etc) measuring devices proceeded to transfer the metric draw parts to the plywood. Constantly shifting between imperial and metric is a pain. I wish President Reagan had let the US go metric back in the day and by now all my tools would be metric.
As it is I spent three hours cutting out one aft keel backbone.

I ordered a 10m measuring tape from Amazon and then found one of my old triangular drafting scales that has 300mm range. The only downside for me working in metric is that I don’t have an intuitive feel for say 152 mm,  but 6 inches on the other hand and I can tell by eyeball if that line or part is about right.

That first cut was tough as there is no going back now, the clock has started!

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