Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Today was the first buy of materials that will eventually become Tiki 30 #164. A few thousand dollars from my hands to Condon Lumber of White Plains NY hands and I own a stack of 29 6mm & 18 9mm 4'x8' B.S. 1088 Okoume plywood, to be delivered within two weeks. This generic Okoume is about half the cost of the Joubert I used building the CLC dinghy. I think this is a good choice as it saves over $1000 and the wood is to the same BS 1088 standard which includes no interior voids, passed the twice boil test, clear faces and the 9mm has 7 plys and the 6mm has 5 plys same as the Joubert. The other reasonable,IMO, choice would have been Meranti plywood. The Meranti also meets BS1088 standard and is cheaper but its denser so the total stacks of plywood weighs about 280lbs more. That represents nearly 10% of the unladen wait of #164 and I'd rather use that weight for an extra 30gallons or so of water.

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