Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time for Action

Today it's time for action on the Tiki 30 #164 build. I haven't decided yet if I'll try to time this build it goes against my natural grain but it would be a nice data point. All of today's work was just applies to my particular situation. Removed drywall, move three receptacles, moved two overhead light switches, removed door and frame. Need to wait on pulling the stud wall until I get to town for some 2”x8” lumber for a header across the new opening.

At one point while measuring how the hulls would fit in the allocated space it dawned on me my garage door is only 80” tall. After looking at the plans for about a half hour I could not nail down the max height of the hulls. I know the max is at the aft end of the cabins but I couldn't get an exact number. So I call a nice guy, Marc, in central Florida who had shown Donna and I his Tiki 30 build this past winter. He was just getting to the shop to work on the boat and measured his boat. Came out to 79.5” with his boat elevated about 1.5” in it's rolling cradles. Whew, that make like easier. Still don't know how I'll flip the hulls to glass the sides and bottoms.

And finally Donna put the plans on large pieces of cardboard in the hope to keep them from getting destroyed during the build.

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