Friday, July 29, 2011


The work shop area preparation took a little more work than I initially expected. The wall that needed opening up was not just a partition, it was load bearing. Now this was unexpected since the AI Domes  plans for our house don't show this wall being load bearing. A trip to the local lumber store for some 2”x10”x10ft lumber for a header, installed temporary bracing, install the header and I was ready to move on to building work benches. 

I really debated about work benches. In general the more the better given space, but specifically in this case is a bench long enough to work on full length parts like the hull sides, keel, mast and longer stuff like cross beams. Due to the shape of the dome basement I have an area that is 32ft long but only 12ft wide at the garage door side and 7ft on the opposite wall. So a 30ft bench 32”-36” deep will preclude building two hulls at the same time. My psychology is such that I'm loath to build one hull to the stage of moving it outside before beginning the 2nd hull.  So I've decided to build three 3ftx8ft benches that can be lined up and leveled for long work and when that is done moved back from the scared hull area.    Also I built a short bench for the table saw that will place it's table at the height of the benches, 36inch.

Spoke with Condon Lumber and my plywood should be here next week!
Also I just found out a sheet of Okoume 6mm weights about 18lbs while a sheet of Meranti 6mm weights about 24lbs, so for the full load of plywood the Okoume is closer to 350lbs lighter than the Meranti. Not only is the Okomue lighter it's a joy to work with, I've never seen nicer plywood, never any voids and beautiful when finished, very glad I went with Okoume.

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