Friday, June 15, 2012

Bulkheads almost there:) ------ 222 hrs

The bulkheads are very nearly completed. I expect that this set of bulkhead took only half as much time to build as the first set. It would have been quicker but of course we changed something:) Some of the savings comes from experience but I think most comes from building all the bearers at one time. Then attaching as many bearers at once that can be installed. I say “as many” instead of “all” since some flipping to put on opposite side bearers is required naturally and we have to wait for the epoxy fillets to “kick” (start to harden) which in our 60degF basement sometimes takes several hours. 

Tables of drying epoxy

The other part that really sped things up that I forgot to mention was using a couple to as many as five #6x3/4inch bronze wood screws to initially attach the bearers. First clamp the bearer in place then drill the pilot holes then drilling the countersink on each. Next I screw the bronze screws filly in to make sure the alignment remains constant when the final glueing without clamps is done. Then we butter the bearer with epoxy and install using the screws. We only tighten enough to get an even light squeeze. Many times the screws are not fully seated. Now since no clamps, weights, holders are being used we can immediately install the epoxy fillet on the lower side. I used bronze so that they can just remain in place. After a day the screws are driven home and covered with epoxy fairing(just same stuff used for fillets) 
Fast and more sure attachment method.
Slower bearer attachment method.  I do this when there is a bearer directly opposite. 
Now the “something” adding to our build time. We decided that all under bunk/floor storage areas are going to get covered in 6oz fiberglass in addition to the specified two coats of clear epoxy. The rationale is that items stored there can shift and easily damage a clear epoxy coat. By adding 6oz cloth the surface become much more abrasion resistant as well as water proof. My guess is this will add no more than a few pounds overall. 

Here is another Wharram plans hard read. Is it 23mm or maybe 28mm? I decide to just go with 25mm, guess I’ll see if it really makes a difference later:) 

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