Friday, June 8, 2012

Going 3D!!!! ----180hrs

Today there was a small thrill. The boat build went 3D! We set the keel up in the hull cradles then test fit bulkheads 3 and 4 that slot into the keel. Glad that we did since it took some tweaking(sanding) to get the bulkheads to slot all the way down. All it took was seeing bulkhead 3 in place to put the idea of building both hulls simultaneously is out of the question. 

On the bulkhead front, we got the Beckson 8inch inspection plates via the Brown truck so I cut the holes in BH1,BH6, and BH7. Next I did that little extra not in the plans, over drilled the mounting holes, filled with epoxy, and drilled the final holes. Now the plates are set aside for few months. 

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