Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Still in the 2D world --- 211 hours

We still haven’t progressed much in to the 3D world. After getting BH4 and BH6 all shipshape in their slots I had to really start thinking about the gallery layout. The reason I hadn’t given it much thought so far is that for the longest time I had it in my head we were building the Port hull. For some reason had been thinking the cabin tops sloped inwards. They don’t !! They slope outwards:O No where on the bulkhead drawings does it say “Starboard reverse for Port”. Just have to keep in mind that slope. No harm really because at this stage only BH3 and BH6 are different and only once the floor/bunk/deck bearers are installed. So after a posting some questions on Wharram Builders and Friends I decided to punt and just build the real Port bulkheads since I’ve given that hull much more thought.

Speaking of misreading the plans. I’ll fully admit I’ve made a few goofs of my own making, but I’ll also show that these plans need to be view with a magnifying glass. In the first picture showing BH2, the hull max curve point shows 19mm, but if you don’t look closely it appear 9mm. OK step closer and all is good. The next picture is of the cross beams. I studied this page and I, and a few other Tiki 30 builders, came to the conclusion that the aft and central beams are the same length. 
To tired eyes that small line next to the circle in the nine begins to look like dust:)

I've already written the explaining note, but imagine if it were not written.  Is it obvious  the aft and center are different?

There is the key! One beam is 50mm shorter, next question is which?

But back to bulkheads. Yesterday I had an insight, “production line”! Once the Port side bulkheads are cut out of the 6mm plywood the next step is to make and install about 20 floor/bunk/deck bearers. So instead of working each bulkhead I decided to mill all the bearers then center and make all notches. This saved repeated setup of the table saw and other tools used. I’ll bet it took half the time to make them this way saving several hours. By the end of today we had epoxied about half of them on to bulkheads and it worked great! Port bulkheads should be complete tomorrow. 

All port side BH floor/bunk bearers cut to  approximate length and notched.  I built the four deck bearers after the picture. 


  1. Look one each one timber, understand if deck or into cabin, don't glue wrong ... I do like you, start build and only with some week I look and: "this is port hull!!!Not star hull.. "

  2. Hey Roger, That makes me feel a little better, thanks. Also thanks for getting that Aft/Central beam length issue out there. I was destine to make that mistake:)