Saturday, January 22, 2011

Plans and modification already!!

The deal on the plans came through and straight from Southern California to my doorstep in snowy Maryland via the USPS in only 2 days! It's like Christmas in my mother-in-laws house! My mother-in-law is the greatest and let me build my CLC Passagemaker a few years ago in her garage. I’m sure if I asked she would let me take the garage once again for Tiki build, but she has a new car and I think that’s asking too much, I’ll just need to wait until we get back to our house in Maine.

I'm already thinking of changing the cross beam from the enclosed triangular design to the I-beam used on the Tiki 31. I don't like the idea of having an enclosed space for potential rot on such a structurally important item.
Next is the beam to hull attachment, the standard plans use webbing allot like a car seat belt. But the plans talk about using a lashing arrangement for offshore work. I'll need to get my hands on some plans for that mod.

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