Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why we choose the Tiki 30..

We sold our last catamaran a Heavenly Twins 26, because it didn't fit a couple criteria once we bought our dome house in Maine. First I had for many years said I would not own a boat so large that it "had" to be in a marina or mooring if we were not living aboard full time. I have just seen too many big beautiful boats, Cobo Rico 38s, Tayana 37s, Masons, Albergs, Pacific Seacrafts, on and on, that sit in their slips for years on end with only a weekend or two underway. I can't understand the motivation to own such boats and never use them. If marinas were required to put ashore any boat that doesn't get underway a least twice annually I think there most would be at least half empty.

With that idea in mind the HT was out. At nearly 14-ft beam, any overland transport was going to be too costly requiring permits, front and back escorts, and not fit down our driveway.

So our requirements for a new boat were...
    •    It must either be or capable of being disassembled to trailer behind our F250 pickup i.e. less than 12500lbs trailer weight and under 8ft 6in wide. Tiki 30 is under 3000lbs with trailer and can be broken down to transport on a 8-ft wide trailer.
    •    We love shoal draft, so less than 3ft would be very nice. Tiki 30 is 2-ft 1-inch, even loaded under 2.5-ft
    •    We love the way catamarans ride, sailing on my ear as they say, is fun for an afternoon but tiring any longer. Tiki 30 is a catamaran!
    •    Something with proven blue ocean capability in the proper hands. Yes, even Tiki 21's have sailed the world.
    •    Something small enough for me to solo, but big enough for both of us. I Love my wife therefor the boat HAS to have at least one double bunk. Tiki 30 can be built with two. Tiki low weight and sail area make me very confident I can handle her alone.
    •    Simple, the less complexity the fewer failures and lower expenses.
    •    The solo and simple then required a total displacement under 4 tons, total sail area under 400 sq-ft. Tiki 30 working sail area is 385 sq-ft
    •    Can carry two tons without too adversely effecting sailing performance. Tiki 30 marginal here.
    •    And last but certainly not least, she must look good to my eye! All of Wharrams designs satisfy this need!
Well you see where I'm going small and simple but can carry two tons. I couldn't have everything and the Tiki meets  all but the cargo carrying. It's listed as carrying up to a ton but as I understand the displacement number doesn't include many things that us westerners consider normal, so the real load ability is maybe 1/2 ton.

We've lived on catamarans for years and have learned to keep things light, and even so every time we've sold the boat I was shocked at how much junk can accumulate. We'll just need to be more diligent this time around.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." ~ Albert Einstein

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